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Winter Forecast: Higher Rates & New Fees

When summer winds down and temperatures cool off, it is usually time to shop for a lower electric rate. But this year prices are not falling simply because of higher generation rates and new fees for the grid are countering the normal seasonal drop we see in Texas. Here’s what you need to know about your electricity bill and how you might find a better electric rate.

The average price for a 12-month plan is $.16 to $.17 per kilowatt. While that is down from the super-high $.21 rates we were seeing this summer, it is still histrionically high. In the scorching heat of a Houston summer many of us raise our thermostat to76-79 degrees during the day while we’re out of the house, hang items to dry, and avoid the drying cycle on the dishwasher. We do a lot to save, but if your electric contract is up don’t expect to get lower rates right now.

Lower Rate Are Not In The Forecast

Several factors keep electric rates high right now: the price of natural gas needed to make electricity is still high (Russia!). and retail electric providers are worried about another winter storm.

“So now we’re worried about a problem in summer and then we’re worried about a problem in winter. So, what it means is we used to exit summer and I could find a really cheap, like six-month or eight-month contract to get me through the winter. And now winter is sometimes more expensive than summer.

Some electric companies let customers move into lower rate if you agree to a longer-term contract but you have to watch out for early termination fees! If you’re contract is ending, you can source a better rate now and do it quickly-easily online…

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Don’t Let Your Electric Contract Auto-renew!

If you have a couple of months before your contract expires, check rates regularly. Prices used to be relatively stable but these days they go up and down significantly.

Save on Your Electric Bill


We FORCE electricity companies to compete! Electricity providers will offer a lower price to us because they know they are competing for the business. This drives your price down!

No matter your rate, there are some new fees on your bill you can’t control. Effective September 1st CenterPoint’s delivery charge went from $.038 per kWh to $.049. That’s a 29% increase in the base rate and approximately an extra $11 on the average electricity bill.

Securitization charges are up too in order to provide a safety net for the entire Texas market after the mess from the recent winter storms.

Other Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill