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Best Electric Rate Broker

How Brokers Work

It’s a simple idea convoluted by big energy and dishonest companies…

Wizard Energy thrives because of our integrity and repuation.

Independent Broker - Best Rate on Electricity


We FORCE electricity companies to compete! Electricity providers will offer a lower price to us because they know they are competing for the business. This drives your price down!

Another reason we get better pricing is because the electricity companies know we help many clients. When a single business owner goes directly to an energy company, you’re offering them one (1) contract. Compare this to Wizard Energy giving them the opportunity to bid on dozens of customers every year… who do you think is more likely to get a better price?

More Reasons

Think about the other professional areas of your business… you probably outsource legal counsel, accountants, IT consultants, or marketing. Why treat your electricity contract any differently? We have the time AND the experience to review all the different energy contracts, read through each energy contract’s small print (we know what to look for!), and stay abreast of changing prices.

Wizard Energy Handles Time-Consuming Business

  1. Review of your electricity usage (load profile is important!)
  2. Request bids from electricity providers (there are 100s!)
  3. Analyze electricity contracts (watch the fine print!)
  4. Review electric bills and rates (keep an eye on them!)

The Value of an Electricity Broker - Time is Money
Save on Your Electric Bill


We love to hustle in order to lower your electric bill and save you money…

…so you make your business better without worrying about overhead!