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Save on Your Electricity Bills

We’re an INDEPENDENT energy broker that forces large electricity companies to bid on YOUR BUSINESS in order to get you the BEST POSSIBLE ELECTRIC RATE no matter what!

Multiple Prices

We offer our clients independent, personal service. We are impartial and not tied to any electricity provider, big or small. We compare more than 20 suppliers to help find the right deal for each individual business.

Best Available Rate

Electricity can be one of the greatest operating expenses a company faces, so we’ll make sure you’re getting the best energy rate possible by making big electricity companies compete for your business.

Quick Turnaround

Wizard Energy does all the legwork for you. We analyze your energy usage, speak to suppliers, and gather all the options so that all you need to do is select the deal that suits you. It’s pretty obvious… LOWEST PRICE!

Taking Care of Clients

Jessica Patel

“My experience with Wizard Energy was awesome. They were very patient in answering my many questions and guided me through my choices in a transparent and professional manner. I will gladly recommend them to others.”


Bill Smith

“Best rates I’ve been able to find anywhere… Their outstanding customer service made me feel like I was making the right decision in all aspects when it comes to choosing an electrical provider and the right contract every year.”


James Williams

“Highly impressed with the level of attention and service provided by Ray at Wizard Energy. I would wholeheartedly recommend to others seeking a reliable electricity broker that knows the ins and outs of electricity contracts.”


Betty Ryan

“For years now they have always helped with any issue I faced, from payment options to help with my particular situation. They provided a breakdown of every line item to make sure I am getting the lowest electric rate.”


Save on Your Electric Bill


We love to hustle in order to lower your electric bill and save you money…

…so you make your business better without worrying about overhead!

The Latest News

  • Geothermal Energy Can Reduce The Cost of Electricity

    Geothermal Energy Can Reduce The Cost of Electricity

    In 2021, a Houston-based group called Sage Geosystems, run by former Shell employees, started an energy company that wasn’t drilling for oil or gas. They were looking to experiment with new technology for producing geothermal energy. They used a diesel-powered pump and fluid to create cracks in the rock deep below the surface, a technique…