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Power Wizards

We’re Not Power Wizard

But we will help you save hundreds, even thousands on your electric bills!

We’ve been at this for nearly 20 years, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve developed… everything we do is rooted in honesty, integrity, and Impartiality in dealing with electricity companies to get our customers the lowest electric rate to lower your electricity bills.

More to The Story

This story came out back in 2019, but we’re still getting confused with “Power Wizard.” Wizard Energy is NOT Power Wizard!

Wizard Energy is Not Power Wizard!
Residential Best Electricity Rate


You can do it quickly and easily online!

Please note that you will leave this website and connect to Chariot Energy – our select partner for residential electricity.

Save on Your Electric Bill

We are driven by our own personal values

…and delivering value! We love saving money for our clients. Who wouldn’t like taking on the big energy! Unfortunately, there are brokers that say they want to get the best energy rate for you, but some work closely with a few large energy companies. This limits their AND YOUR ability to get the best possible rate. We don’t work that way.


Electricity Brokers

Years of Experience

Since 2008, we’ve been doing everything we can to learn about usage cycles and socio-economic factors that affect electricity prices, so we know when to get the best rate.

Truly Independent

We’re open to any and all electricity companies that can offer clean contracts (no sneaky fees or hidden costs) and simple low energy rates for our commercial clients.

Amazing Reputation

It takes time to develop a reputation and build a business that is rock solid… we’re very proud of that accomplishment in this day and age of fast moving, slick-talking salesmanship!

Power Wizard is Biased,
Wizard Energy is Not

We got into this industry and line-of-work while running a high-energy usage business… bowling alleys.

When your electric bills get into 5-figures, you do everything you can to save on that overhead so that you can maintain profitability by saving on your electric bills! Your electricity bills don’t have to be that high to make it worth-while to engage an INDEPENDANT broker to hunt down the lowest electric rate for you.