Investor Relations

Since 2003, Wizard Energy has become a leader in electricity brokerage and electric
bill consulting services. Every day we work hard and strive to stay ahead of the market
to continuously save money for our current clients to create long-term value.

Room for Growth

The size of the electricity brokerage market in Texas alone is potentially
worth on average, approximately $72M – $120M each year.

In a market that continues to expand as more regions and countries become deregulated, Wizard Energy has been consistently gaining market share as we become a leading force in changing the way clients are serviced through diligent research and analytic tools. The company continues to develop web-based CRM processes, communications strategies, and competitive price advantages. When combined with our officers’ enterprise business experience to forecast market changes, we have a significant competitive advantage over the competition, which offers momentous opportunities for domestic and international expansion.

Wizard Energy Savings LLC
P.O. Box 16098
Sugar Land, Texas 77496
Fax: 281.835.3152

I want to invest. Can I buy stock?
Wizard Energy is a privately held limited liability corporation that still
welcomes investor inquiries at this time. Contact us online or write us. →
Please do not call as we require documentation of inquiries.

The Latest Wizard Energy News

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