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These Are Turbulent Times

Let’s stay on the ball! Rates are dropping due to many factors, and right now we can get you a phenomenal rate for when business and life get moving again. The whole process can be done remotely through email and secure document transmission. Call 713-396-0090 or click below.

We Get The Best Rate on Electricity For Your Business

We force electric companies to compete against each other for your business. They squirm when we come to the table for clients because we know how to squeeze them for the best electric rate, navigate their complex contracts, and purge their hidden fees!

Why use Wizard Energy as your electricity agent and broker?

A Simple Six-step Process

6-step Electricity Rate

We can get on a call, do a video conference, or go through email… easy!

Season fluctuations and load factors can have a big impact pricing

We request most competitive quotes from electric companies

A lot of busy work collecting the bids and reading the lengthy contracts

We get with you to review the numbers in simple, understandable terms

The best option is usually pretty obvious, and then you simply enjoy the savings

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