Best Electricity Prices for Business

After decades of owning high energy-demand businesses, we know why it is imperative to get the best possible rate on electricity. When energy costs are volatile, their impact on profitability can be great. The power to choose your electricity provider is an opportunity to save money, hedge against risk, and increase profit. When we analyze your usage history for volumes, patterns and seasonality, our experience in dealing with electric providers allows us to figure out how to get the best electricity prices for business.

There are three basic steps for us to get
your business the best rate on electricity:

  1. We analyze your usage history for
    volumes, patterns and seasonality
  2. Wizard Energy researches markets and
    then forecasts pricing 1 year in advance
  3. We then negotiate pricing with multiple
    electric companies at the same time

I’m Not Ready. Couldn’t I Do This On My Own?

To choose a provider on your own is difficult and demanding because markets fluctuate while the set of suppliers is regionally diverse and local distribution regulations vary. Add the time, effort, and know-how required to solicit and then compare multiple offers that can be complex and change on a regular basis. Now you realize the challenges that independent businesses face. Even companies with energy procurement and management departments find the challenge daunting.

Nevertheless, there is an upside! As new electric companies create fresh competition, all of them will aggressively compete for new customers and do everything they can to keep current customers. This presents opportunities for us to help you get the lowest electric rate and save on your electric bill. As the price of energy and electricity is expected to remain volatile, Wizard Energy will work diligently with real-time market data to find opportunities and make decisions in your best interest.

Wizard Energy Simplifies A Complicated Process

We deliver the peace of mind that comes with a reputable company that provides a comprehensive service to save you time and money. After we get to know your operation, we aggressively bid-out your business to energy suppliers. Multiple ‘Request for Quote’ forms are sent to suppliers as we handle the posturing with big energy companies. When the offers come in, we analyze the current markets and price volatility, review and manage the plans/contracts and check the fine print for hidden costs or risk.

Are you new to this?

If you are a new business or find yourself in a deregulated energy market, we will get
you the best deal whether it is the best rate on electricity or the type of fixed/variable
plan that is right for your business’ risk tolerance.

Comfortable with your current provider?

That’s great but there is no reason to be complacent. We will make your current provider bid to keep your business. It is common practice. We can make sure you get the best possible rate or a less volatile plan.

Do you already have an broker or agent?

Maybe you are not getting good customer service from your current broker or agent. Wizard Energy can help! We are enthusiastic and sure to give you the time to understand your energy needs and customize a rate plan.