Federal Program to Help Save on Electric Bill in NYC

New York, NY – There is a free program in the city where they come in and make energy efficient changes in your home to not only save you money, but to also keep you safe.

Carol Thomas has been living in here west Harlem apartment for 30 years. Now, a team of workers is making changes to make it more energy efficient and safe.

It’s part of the New York State weatherization assistance program.

“I know I’m much safer than when they came in here,” she said.

Dan Rieber is Director of Weatherization at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation.

“From a health and safety perspective we provide a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors, we test the oven and heating appliance for carbon monoxide -we also test for gas leaks,” he said.

The team replaces old windows and puts in energy efficient light bulbs. They install door sweeps and seal cracks and holes, to not only reduce heat loss, but also to prevent critters like this from coming in. Dan says it’ll not only improve health and safety standards of your home, but also save you money.

“People can save almost 20% on their electric bill depending on how much energy they use,” he said.

And all of this is actually part of a national program. The United States Department of Energy provides funding to states to offer all these services at no cost to low income families.

A family of 4, for example must have an annual income of less than about $49,000. But anyone can apply, whether you rent or own your home. If you live in an apartment building, more than half the tenants have to meet the income requirement for the entire building to qualify.

More info at www.nyshcr.org.

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