More Ways to Easily Reduce the Electric Bill

For many people, the electric bill is a significant part of the monthly budget and there are simple and easy ways to cuts costs on your electric bill right now.

Stock up your fridge.
A stocked refrigerator means it takes longer for the fridge to heat up which means it will take less time for it to cool down. Food will stay colder longer, and require less electricity — is a simple fix.

Use power strips and surge protectors.
Use them for your appliances and electronics. When you leave home, turn it off. A power strip cuts off all the power, which saves you money.

Negotiate with your electric company.
Wizard Energy can help you find out the different rates offered by the electric companies in your area. These companies compete with each other so they should be open to negotiating with you for your business.

Check out off peak hours.
Check your electric company’s off peak hours, which is typically de-lineated on our electric bill. Do all your power intensive activities during that time so you save money. Doing laundry and running the dishwasher tend to use up a lot of power, but can easily run at night or early in the morning when electricity rates are typically lower.

Use CFLs.
They’re those funny looking squiggly light bulbs. These compact fluorescent light bulbs are energy efficient. CFLs actually use a fraction of the electricity and they last much longer.

Buy energy efficient appliances.
Always look for the Energy Star label. Those usually come with rebate programs and discounts. They not only help the environment, but they’re actually going to lower your electricity bill.

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