Wizard Energy Launches New Website with Ambit Energy to Support Power For Schools

Power For Schools
Wizard Energy partners with Ambit Energy to launch new website that supports Power For Schools.
Wizard Energy is proud to launch the official Ambit Power for Schools Website.

Power For Schools is an alternative to traditional fundraising programs, that usually rely on parents and other school supporters to buy products they do not want, do not need, and often cannot afford. Instead, Power For Schools offers school supporters something they need and use every day: electricity. Teachers and school staff members no longer need to spend time distributing products, collecting money, or tracking sales.

School supporters can use Ambit’s Power for Schools website to find more information about the program and sign-up. Supporters may also enroll by telephone or get help in registering at their school, but they must provide the school’s ID Number to ensure the school receives a contribution. The school ID Number can also be found on Ambit’s Power for Schools through a simple, user-friendly search option.