Power For Schools

HISD Gets a Bright Idea for New School Fund-raising Tool

Power For Schools
Iris Ortega, Monica Cantu, and Norma Garcia became some of the first HISD parents to sign up during a press conference held October 1, 2009. With them are Wizard Energy representatives Ray DeVido and Chuck Chance, HISD Marketing Consultant Leonard Sturm, and HISD Marketing Manager Johanna Lockhart.
Wizard Energy Savings works with HISD to get retail energy providers to donate portion of bill to school of customer’s choice. School fund-raising efforts will soon be taking on a new direction and strategy. When businesses or residents sign up with Ambit Energy, a portion of the monthly electric bill goes to the school of choice.

The Advantages of Power For Schools Fundraising

  • There is no cost to schools or supporters to participate in the program.
  • Students (children) are no longer asked to go door to door selling candy, gifts, etc.
  • Parents and other school supporters no longer buy products they do not need or want.
  • Supporters contribute at no cost to their own pocketbook simply by registering and using something they need and use every day: electricity.
  • Teachers and school staff no longer waste time distributing products or collecting money.

“This is just the sort of fundraising tool we’ve been seeking. It’s just not as safe as it used to be for students to go door to door selling candy,” explained John Barrera, Principal of Wainwright Elementary School. “This way, we keep our children safe, we don’t have to stock or sell a product, and there’s no cost to us or to our supporters. We just get parents, grandparents, alumni, and school supporters to sign up for something they are already using—and they could even save money on their electric bills in the process.”

At a school of 700 students, if each household signed up for the program, the school could earn approximately $28,000 in a year at no cost to the school or supporters! School supporters can use Ambit’s Power for Schools website to find more information about the program and sign-up. Supporters may also enroll by telephone or get help in registering at their school, but they must provide the school’s ID Number to ensure the school receives a contribution. The school ID Number can also be found on Ambit’s Power for Schools through a simple, user-friendly search option.

Everyone benefits from these arrangements — the schools receive a proceeds year-round while supporters have an opportunity to participate at no cost and potentially save on their electric bills. HISD has designed the program so that it can be expanded statewide to include interested schools and school districts from all over Texas.

For more information, visit our Power for Schools website. The official announcement from the Houston Independent School District can be found here.

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