Hunting For Lower Electricity Rates For Your Business?

Energy costs are volatile, and their impact on profitability can be great. Wizard Energy offers business managers a comprehensive service that will save money and invaluable time. We work diligently for you to simplify a complicated process. Read more...

Get Lower Electricity Rates For Your Home

Wizard Energy will get you a lower rate on electricity at home to reduce your electric bills every month. We push electric companies to give you rates that can save 25%-50% and protect you from the volatility of energy markets that affect your electric bill. Read more...

Reliable. Competitive. Honorable. Diligent. Respected.

Wizard Energy is proud put pressure on big energy companies and electric providers to create a competitive
environment where business owners and residents can now get the best electric rate possible. Read more...

We Manage Your Electricy So You Can Manage Your Business

Now that electricity and natural gas are deregulated, businesses and residents now have to choose an electricity provider.
What is the difference between all the suppliers and is it possible to compare multiple complex offers from them? Read more...


The Best Rate on Electricity For You

Wizard Energy always works in your best interest to get you the lowest price on electricity and avoid costly fees and headaches. We deal directly with electric companies to get the best possible electric rate, which will save you valuable time that is better used to run your business.
How does Wizard Energy get the best electric rate?
We negotiate directly with electric companies to make them compete against each other for your business. We know the contracts and plans inside out and have the experience to negotiate down service charges or avoid hidden fees.

Save On Your Electric Bills

Wizard Energy hounds electric companies to provide you with the lowest possible rate on electricity so you save on commercial energy for your business and/or save on electric bills at home. Let’s meet in-person so we can demonstrate our understanding
of the markets and explain in thorough detail exactly how we can help you save money on electricity.

Get Cheaper Electricity

Wizard Energy – A Trusted Electricity Broker

Like Lending Tree for loans, we force electricity providers to compete for your business. Electric companies squirm when we come to the table because they know we get the best electric rate by getting them to compete against each other. They also know that we can navigate their complex contracts and plans to purge extra fees or expose their tricks. Wizard Energy receives their offers, clearly lays out all the alternatives for you and then guides you to the best option for your situation. We will work with you in-person to go over the options, explain any variables and answer your questions.

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Recent News About How to Save on Electric Bills

Federal Program to Help Save on Electric Bill in NYC

New York, NY – There is a free program in the city where they come in and make energy efficient changes in your home to not only save you money, but to also keep you safe. Carol Thomas has been living in here west Harlem apartment for 30 years. Now, a team of workers is…

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University Inspires Trane to Build Super-Efficient AC Unit

A University of California challenge to build more energy-efficient air conditioning has spurred AC manufacturer Trane to build a rooftop AC unit that it claims to be 40% more energy efficient. The challenge, established in 2008 by the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center, aims to help manufacturers develop more efficient cooling technologies, particularly for…

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Dundee Township Seeks Aggregation to Save on Electric Bills

Carpentersville, IL – This election cycle, Dundee Township residents will have an opportunity to see lower electricity bills by voting yes though referendum on electric aggregation. Dundee Township has devised a ballot question that every voter living in Dundee Township will see on the upcoming ballot, whether living in a village or in an unincorporated…

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